9-5 or Part Time…. which one do you want!!

qtq80-877tv8  My last blog talked about “Life Getting in the Way” – you know it is funny how the people who read that started comparing what they weren’t doing because life got in the way.  Life is always going to get in the way, you have to decide that you are going to make the time to succeed. I have been coming home from my 9-5 job, and I say sit, relax, and before I know it the night is gone.

If you want to become independent in your own world, you need to invest the time. I have recently had some training that is teaching me how to build my business, independence in just 2 hours a day. Part Time.. Imagine that you can succeed. It takes consistency and commitment.

I am working on that and it took some training from others to get me started. I just finished a small course that gave me some great ideas I am putting into place.  I  will  be getting some tips together in the next few days to pass on to you. If I can do it… I know you can… See you in a couple of days.


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Is Life getting in the Way?

mba483Hello everyone,
I haven’t been here in a while – seemed like life got in my way. Isn’t that a funny saying, Life got in the Way! I think it is because I started this to help me have a better life, so how could life get in my way. Not sure how, but it does. I heard some great speakers at a Prospecting and Recruiting Summit I went to recently.
There are many and I will share some with you guys as I go along.
One that really sticks out and keeps popping back in my mind is this: it goes something like this, not the exact words but you will get the jest: If you want to succeed you need to be consistent… Let’s say you are popping a bag of popcorn and at 20 seconds you open the door, no popcorn, Right? So you close it and then 20 more seconds you open the door, still no popcorn, and you do that again and again every 20 seconds – NO POPCORN.
Same in your business – if you’re stopping and going, stopping and going, you will get nowhere and you will probably not succeed. You have to be consistent – you need to let the popcorn pop for the whole 2 minutes to get popcorn! Same with your business you need to be out there consistently.
People need to see you over and over to pull them towards you.
Another one that stuck with me is this: Baseball players make millions of dollars by missing the ball 70% of the time. SO it is OK to miss- just keep going.
You can say life gets in the way and maybe it does, but you can’t let it stop you!

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Starting Your Own Business

Starting a New Venture

I am so excited about the next step of starting my own business venture. I want to talk to you about so you follow my journey. Once you have decided what your venture/business is going to be. That seems to be a big relief! Now putting it together would be your next step. With new business ideas swimming around, it sometimes gets confusing as to where to start. Some people just jump in and start to try and sell things before doing all the backend research.  They want instant cash, while instant cash is great, you want it to be consistent cash, and a successful business will take a little time, or maybe you will be successful when you just jump in, either way it’s ok! Starting your own business can provide you the flexibility and the freedom that you desire. Building something you own is worth your time.

At first you may say I can’t just jump in, quit my 9 to 5 job and hope I succeed – that is ok too.  Many of us need to keep that income and do your business on your off time before you can say goodbye to the corporate world. That is me.. I need to continue to work for a while.

I am a thinker and a planner so I have to have all my ducks in a row, so I will do all my research and get everything prepared before I begin. Once that is done I will get myself out there and let people see who I am. Maybe get involved in some events that will get my business exposure. Social Media is a great place to start and another great place is to do videos on periscope – get people to follow you and learn from you.

While some of the planning and research may take time it will be worth it when you become successful and can leave that corporate 9-5 rat race and become your own boss. Try to think this week about new business ideas and starting your own business that may work for you and follow me on my journey as I try to figure it out as well. For 101 ideas on what you might be able to start for yourself CLICK HERE.

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P.S. If you want to talk about your new business idea and the steps to be successful, email me.

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