Is Life getting in the Way?

mba483Hello everyone,
I haven’t been here in a while – seemed like life got in my way. Isn’t that a funny saying, Life got in the Way! I think it is because I started this to help me have a better life, so how could life get in my way. Not sure how, but it does. I heard some great speakers at a Prospecting and Recruiting Summit I went to recently.
There are many and I will share some with you guys as I go along.
One that really sticks out and keeps popping back in my mind is this: it goes something like this, not the exact words but you will get the jest: If you want to succeed you need to be consistent… Let’s say you are popping a bag of popcorn and at 20 seconds you open the door, no popcorn, Right? So you close it and then 20 more seconds you open the door, still no popcorn, and you do that again and again every 20 seconds – NO POPCORN.
Same in your business – if you’re stopping and going, stopping and going, you will get nowhere and you will probably not succeed. You have to be consistent – you need to let the popcorn pop for the whole 2 minutes to get popcorn! Same with your business you need to be out there consistently.
People need to see you over and over to pull them towards you.
Another one that stuck with me is this: Baseball players make millions of dollars by missing the ball 70% of the time. SO it is OK to miss- just keep going.
You can say life gets in the way and maybe it does, but you can’t let it stop you!

Till next time….. Florence